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Faction reveal: The Kingdom of Aumroth

2017-02-11 03:33:02 by tavernking


‘Power, Duty, Restoration.'

A declined kingdom. The Kingdom of Aumroth was once a mighty empire that ruled over the southern world for eight thousand years, until internal civil wars and invasions from pirates and barbarians split the Empire into five pieces and left the Emperor and his heirs dead. One of these pieces remained loyal to the collapsed Empire and the old traditions, but it’s people were exhausted and desperate. But a mysterious wise necromancer by the name of Eldaron inspired these people to follow his leadership and he declared himself as the first true High King of Aumroth. For the last three hundred years he has ruled over his Kingdom. When his body passed away his spirit lingered on, and he communicates through his trusted advisors who sit on the Council of the Wise. His skeleton still sits crowned on the throne to this day. Under the protection of the High King, the Kingdom of Aumroth has reclaimed much of it’s former power, it is known for it’s large military and famous Knighthood orders. Now the High King has set his eyes on conquering the four other pieces of the Empire of Aumroth and restoring the Empire under his rule.


Government Type:





Southern World


Aumroth, despite many sieges throughout history it’s walls have never been breached (high defence).

Other notable settlements:

Tarith, the home of the Knighthood orders loyal to the Kingdom of Aumroth.


Very Low


Sky God

Abundant Resources:



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